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If you used to love singing since childhood, being a professional singer would surely have crossed your mind. And then when you grow up, you realize you can pursue the career and enter the industry being sure of yourself and your capabilities. However, when you get in, you quickly understand that professional singing is far different from doing it as an amateur. You cannot just sing when, where, and however you like it. You must now be serious about the whole thing, and now you cannot give any more room for mistakes.

Warming up is crucial when you sing, both for amateurs and professionals. You cannot just expect to hit high notes and to sing an entire song without first warming up your voice. Just like with exercise, you can easily tire and injure your muscles if you fail to warm up adequately. You have to give some time for your vocal chords to get going before you allow them to strain for when you start singing.

Many voice teachers in music and singing lessons in New York City say you should allow for at least 10 minutes of warming up before you start singing. But any warm-up will not do the trick. You must make it a high-quality one so you can get the benefits of warming up before the real thing.

Before you sing, you must also prepare yourself. Sleep well, have a good meal 2-3 hours before your show or training and avoid cold drinks, sweets, dairy, and oily foods. As a professional, you have to make a lot of sacrifices to be able to thrive in the industry. It is very different when you compare your life as an amateur because now you don’t only sing for family events, but also for bookings made through your agent or referrals.

To reiterate, warming up is crucial for voice training and performance. All coaches abide by this rule, whether you sing on an amateur or professional level. What, then, are the most popular warm-up exercises you can do for singing? Here are some of the recommended activities:

1. Humming

Humming is not just for child’s play or for passing the time. It is useful for warming up your voice because it is a low impact way to use your vocal cords. You get to produce sounds without having to stress out your voice. You can start humming as you do your errands before going to training, like when you are cooking or driving to work. Remember, relax. You don’t have to stress yourself producing loud sounds. Imagine yourself singing a lullaby as you put a baby to sleep. That’s how gentle you have to be as you hum.

Aspiring singers should avoid alcohol and cold drinks before a performance2. Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do

Remember the movie, The Sound of Music? This warm-up exercise is an iconic scene from this film. It is an excellent warm-up exercise because it allows you to try out all the pitches before you give your all for singing. Do not do this mindlessly. Focus on listening to each tone and making sure you get it right. And you don’t always need a piano as an accompaniment for this exercise. You can do it by ear which is even better than doing it with the keyboard because you get to train yourself to develop a better pitch.

These are the top warm-up exercises for singers. Allow yourself some time for warm-up before you train or sing on stage. If unsure of the techniques, consider consulting a voice teacher for advice.