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There are various transportation methods that a person can take advantage of when it comes to traveling from New York City to Los Angeles. What you choose will depend entirely on what your traveling preferences are. If you want to arrive in LA at the soonest time possible, then going by plane is the fastest method to opt for. However, if you are in no hurry and want to drop by popular tourist spots along the way, you can travel via bus or car. Another option that you can take when you want to go to Los Angeles, California from New York City is by train.

Ways to travel from LA to NYCVia Airplane

If you want to go to LA via airplane, then you can access the Internet and book a flight for the date you want to travel. Booking online allows you to get your hands on various discount options. It should also give you the ability to decide on the time and date of the flight conveniently as opposed to when you do it in person or on the phone.

Consider booking with the airline company you want to fly in. You may also make use of the travel aggregator sites for this booking. Book the flight as early as possible so that you can grab some discounts for your airplane fare. If you have the means, you can even book a private jet: http://www.mbsfprivatejets.com/new-york/ and say goodbye to cramped economy seats.

Via Train

When you want to travel by train, it is highly recommended that you book your train ticket at least about a year in advance. You will get the lowest discounts that way. One example is Amtrax. The said train company provides the lowest discounts when one books a train ticket 11 months earlier.

Booking the train ticket should be possible online. All you have to do is go to the train company’s website. You can decide on the date of your travel and make the payment conveniently when booking online. You may also call to make a reservation by phone.

Prepare for the ride. Traveling by train means that you will spend three full days on the road. It is highly recommended that you bring a number of reading materials and fully charge your personal electronic devices. These are forms of entertainment you can bring with you on the train.

Via Bus

Just like with the train and the airplane, consider booking your bus ticket months in advance. If you do so, you can get discounts. For example, the Greyhound bus can sell you a ticket at a lower price if you book for it months or weeks in advance.

Purchasing the ticket can be done either online, over the phone, or going to the bus terminal. Make sure that you choose the right bus company to buy the ticket from. You don’t want to make a mistake at this point.

LA to New York by carIt will take you up to three days to travel by bus. There will also be multiple stops on the way. Again, consider bringing some forms of entertainment onboard so you won’t get bored while traveling. Don’t forget to bring enough money for food and drinks while on the road.

Via Car

If you plane to use your own car to go to LA, you have first to map out your driving route. There’s an approximate distance of three thousand miles between LA and NYC. To reach your destination, you will need to drive for about 43 hours. To make out the driving route, take advantage of Google maps or any other navigation apps. You can mostly download some efficient ones off the web for free these days.

Calculate how much the entire trip will cost you. You will need to pay for the gas, oil, food expenses, hotel.