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Now that winter is about to end you must now prepare your home for the coming of spring. Winter is a time of hibernation, where many people seek shelter indoors amidst the weather challenges. Many people grow a bit of fat during this time because of the need for the body to gain enough cushion for your system. Not only are humans in hibernation during winter, but also animals and your number one home enemies: pests.

Get kids to assist you in spring cleaningYou may feel your home is safe during winter because you rarely see rodents and insects roaming around your place. However, it is only temporary because they, too, have to seek shelter somewhere. In the coming of spring, you will slowly see them coming and having a presence in your home again and you might want to avail the services of the best exterminator in New York City to get rid of these pests. So, it is best to know what to do on the very first day of the arrival of spring.

If you are busy and you want to save time with spring-cleaning your home, here are some tips for you. The tips are divided into two: pre-spring and spring.

Pre-spring cleaning tips:

1. Towards the end of winter, you can start preparing your home for cleaning. Go around your house and check for possible areas of pest invasion. It can be areas where you’ve previously noticed a presence of these pests; or places that are dark, dank, and moist. Pests love areas that are moist because this gives them sustenance, so make sure to find a way to keep these areas dry. You may even see that it is your leaky faucets that are causing all the problem, so put that on your repairs list and have them fixed immediately.

2. Before spring, start packing the things that you want to throw or give away. Reducing clutter is crucial when you want to keep pests away, so only keep in the house things that you need. Do you still have your small dresses, your kids’ toys that they’ve already outgrown, or the old magazines that you find sentimental value in? It is now time to say “Goodbye” to all these. Getting rid of them will not only clear out a lot of space in your home, but it can also shoo away a lot of pests.

Spring cleaning tips:

Unused items should be given to charityGet Rid of Useless Things

After you’ve prepped your home for spring cleaning, you can then start throwing or giving away the items that you now want to get rid of. It is crucial that you do this immediately because it will allow you to clean your house without the clutter. There are many charity organizations where you can give your used items to, and they are always welcoming donations.

Repair Leaks & Plumbing

Have all your leaky faucets fixed during this time? Do not wait until tomorrow for these to be repaired, because these are perfect breeding grounds for pests. Make sure that you have already contacted your local plumber and have made appointments before the arrival of spring.

These are some of the no-fuss and affordable tips to help you spring clean your home. Spring-cleaning need not be time-consuming and expensive; you just have to manage your time well so you can check everything that you need to fix and clean. Most importantly, you need to involve your household when it comes to cleaning, so every person knows that he/she has a responsibility for maintaining the home.